Balatonfüred is a popular resort town in Veszprém county, in Hungary. The town has two marinas, a string of carbonated mineral water springs, beautiful listed buildings from the middle of the 18th and the 19th centuries and fine restaurants. People come here to enjoy the mild micro-climate, beautiful scenery, the local wine, made of Olaszrizling grapes, and sailing and swimming facilities, as well as to revive the two-century-old tradition of socializing around spas, bathing and vacationing. The town was officially declared a spa in 1772. The Kossuth Spring and other springs near the hospital supply water containing free and bound carbon dioxide as well as iron, magnesium, potassium, hydrocarbonate, calcium, sodium, sulfur and other minerals. The promenade is named after the Nobelist Indian Poet Rabindranath Tagore who was healed in autumn 1926 in the Hospital for Heart Diseases. On the beginning of the promenade his memorial tree and statue can be seen. In the park of memorial trees famous poets, polititians and scientists (for example Richard Feynman, Ede Teller and Jenő Wigner) have planted trees. This is a boat trip from Balatonalmádi to Balatonfüred with a sightseeing walk.


The historic centre of Veszprém is the castle, which – together with the surrounding town – was one of the significant centre of our country until the Turkish occupation: it was the King’s and Queen’s seat and an episcopal seat. The medieval castle and town suffered large-scale destruction in the Turkish period. The present-day historic town evolved during the town development constructions of the 18-19 th and the early 20 th century. WWII and the following period caused relatively little damage to the old centre.

Veszprém is a quiet and shy town. One must pay attention to it. In order to absorb its special atmosphere, one must stroll around its streets and squares, listen to the bells and observe its walls and buildings.

This is why we call your attention to the following routes, which, interestingly enough, can be combined. As the castle is always in the centre, it is impossible to lose your way.

If you choose this tour you will travel to Veszprém by bus and have a walk in the centre. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the Rosé, riesling, jazz Festival.


Balaton, the largest shallow lake in Central Europe, was formed by tectonic sagging around 25,000 years ago. Tihanyi-félsziget (Tihany peninsula) divides the lake into two basins. The characteristic view of the Mediterranean landscape was formed by volcanic europtions millions of year ago as shown today by two giant calderas. The remains of these craters form two little lakes, without outlet, higher than the water level of Balaton: Belsõ-tó, which is popular with anglers, and Külsõ-tó, a paradise for aquatic birds. As a result of volcanic follow-up activity, thermal springs created more than one hundred geyser hills in the peninsula. The most beautiful one is called Aranyház (Golden House) after the golden lichen covering its rocks.

Beside geological features, the peninsula is famous for its exceptional wildlife: the area became the first nature reserve of Hungary in 1952.

The ancient Tihany village was founded in the Middle Ages when King Andrew I founded here in 1055 a burial-place for the royal family and built a monastery, where Benedictine monks were settled. The Abbey of Tihany was authorised in the 13 th century to issue official deeds (locus authenticus). Its main assets are the historical and cultural relics related to the monasetry, the unique landscape and the recreational possibilities of Balaton.

Records from the early 19 th century say that words shouted from the Echo hill return from the northern wall of the church building. The earliest Balaton guide-book, issued in 1848, says that guests in Füred take excursions to Tihany to listen to the echo because the church wall cleary returns voices up to 15 syllables. The Echo of Tihany, a topic covered by famous poets, has been gradually fading since the sixties but it can be still enjoyed especially in windless, quiet evenings.

If you like hiking you have to choose this trip. You will travel to Tihany by ship.