The goal of our summer school is to familiarise the participants with the challenges and open-ended questions of nuclear power production. This topic is especially relevant currently due to the global energy crisis. The target audience of our event are primarily physics students, and for this reason fusion energy production is going to be the focus, but we are also planning lectures regarding the problems and future of fission energy production.


First day:

Gergő Pokol (Hungarian Nuclear Society, Budapest University of Technology and Economics): Why do we need nuclear power?

Dániel Réfy (Centre for Energy Research): Introduction to fusion plasma physics

Sándor Zoletnik (Centre for Energy Research): Basic concepts of fusion energy production

Second day:

István Földes (Wigner Research Centre for Physics): Inertial fusion

István Cziegler (University of York): Turbulence and Confinement in Magnetic Fusion

Dániel Dunai (Centre for Energy Research): Ongoing experiments and challenges in magnetic confinement fusion

Third day:

Gergely Orosz (Budapest University of Technology and Economics): Safety issues of nuclear power plants

Máté Szieberth (Budapest University of Technology and Economics): Fourth generational nuclear power plants